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8 Jul 2013 CAUN Strategy Call TitanPad archive – Integration With Naure

This titanpad is dedicated to the development of an SDG: Universal Recognition that Humanity is Integral to Nature.   It will be offered as an amendment to the four Reports on which the   global agenda for sustainable development will be based until 2030.  
(see also discussions of "Whole Systems Approach" like June's & Jessie's notes on "Comments on Reports" page )
Our   combined preliminary work on this titanpad will be cleaned up and then   submitted to our whole Commons Cluster mailing list, all UN  Ambassadors,  and Heads of State and Government immediately following the Friday, June 28th strategy meeting (See below). This deadline is important so that it can inform their input in time for the July 12th deadline. 
We   shall then continue to work on developing the content of this titanpad   so that we can submit a more detailed version to the above at the end  of  our second strategy meeting on Monday July 8th. Then we shall  submit  our final version to the UN Secretariat by the July 12th  deadline.
The two strategy meetings will be held on Friday, June 28th and Monday July 8th.
Both meetings will be held from 7:00-9:00 am PDT, 10:00-12:00 EDT, 4:00-6:00 pm CETCall in number +1 218 339 4600. Access Code 999518#
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July 8, 2013

8:20Akiwa Gizzel: Hi lisika
8:20Akiwa Gizzel: I am adding input at line 95
8:21Akiwa Gizzel: my connection is bad today
8:22Akiwa Gizzel: Human Internship begins today at 9am so I will input when possible but most of the time will be in the midst of human affect traing of 9 new incoming youth peace ambassadors
9:03LisinkaGood to see you are up and about. Would you be able to coordinate the sdg on water again? I have not yet checked whether you placed your version on the titanpad for water yet. That would help us to work on it as a group today.
9:08LisinkaHI Soraia, thanks for adding all that new information. I wonder would you be willing to take the responsibility for sending this to the UN Secretariat? Perhpas first we should send it around to the whole mailing list and see who all wishes to co-sign. But we can discuss that later.
10:21MyraGood Day All
11:28Akiwa Gizzel: hi everyone
11:29Akiwa Gizzel: I will finish comments and join call at 12 noon.
The   version below was drafted by Lisinka UlaUlatowska and based on ideas  put forward at various Commons Cluster and Commons Action for the  United Nations strategy meetings. It is designed to conform to the  suggested formatting for SDGs (targets and  indicators, followed by  comments) suggested in various UN documents.
I. Formulation of the title of the SDG
II Discussion and Rationale
III. Targets, each with relevant indicatorst;
IV. Reflections on complexities and implementation.
V. To which elements of the Reports does this suggestion relate?
 FEEL   FREE TO MODIFY AND STRIKE THROUGH BUT PLEASE NEVER DELETE ANYTHING   WRITTEN BY ANOTHER. You can leave comments at the bottom left. Remember   always to save what you have written by clicking on Saved Revisions in   the top right hand corner.
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                                                    I. Title of the SDG
Universal Recognition that Humanity is an Integral Part of Natature and that therefore every one is responsible to help care for it responsibly.
                                            II.  Discussion and Rationale
There are diverse levels at which this SDG must be implemented:
1. Internationally through an international agreement among all Governments via the UN; and
2. By involving all people in the stewardship of those aspects of nature that are relevant to each one individually.    
Integration with nature is an active learning process, of observing and responding to the world of independently behaving and changing systems of our highly evolved natural world.  It's not at all trivial that our minds only contain environment of our own thinking, organized for our own internal consumption, and actually have great difficulty apprecitating the "logic of nature" we see eveidence of, but can't emulate with the rule making for our own values and images we are so good at.   
What eventually is needed is a new language for discussing how nature works, not based on our metaphores, but on a method of direct observation that allows us to have common recognition of the whole systems of our world with which we are interacting with.  That means haveing a way of recognizing the working parts of nature as whole independently organized working units, like communities, like organisms, but also like growth processes.  
Recognizing growth is one of the best ways of identifying a whole systems within our enviornment that are undergoing transformative change.  It gives a good observer insight into it's domain,how its growth process works, what it is building on, how it is changeing its own conditions, changeing its engagements with others, and what it will run into at its limits.   So to Integrate our processes with nature's, we need to be engaged in constant learning, using our ideals to open a path for exploring the reality in which they'll need to work, iof the behaviors of the whole systems of the world in which we find ourselves, as by the 3Step process for mSDG's into SDI's to work with the environment they need to.
                                    III. Targets with corresponding indicators 
                                                        Global Level
Target 1. At the GA in 2015 Governments set up a Panel of Eminent Personalities or Experts to determine in interaction with stakeholders worldwide:
a. Which the state of the Earth Systems should be manged by all people as global common, eg oceans, climate;
through the recognition of the Earth system as a global intangible natural heritage, which would be the global legal system on which to accomplish the overall management of its use.
To represent this new heritage, we would use the planetary Boundaries indicatores of the state of the earth system.
b. How each individual country's contributions both postive and negative can be measured (eg through its global footpring);
c. Possible Legal System;  
d. the role education can play in the implementation of the relevant  International Agreements that would have to be developed.
Target 1 a. 
(Soraia) Based on the Planetary Boundaries indicatores, creating  a global conversation on how to manage Natural System that transcends  all borders and cannot be physically appropriated or geographically  delimited, and constitutes a support for life on Earth. An “Earth  System” adequate for the conditions of human life, requires a specific  biogeochemical structure, which humanity needs to respect in order to  avoid the risk of a catastrophic environmental global change. This  system which we all use and depend, upon will be our main Global Common.
Target 2. The Panel reports back to the GA in 2016 and the first steps are implemented.
Target 3: An international Summit to develop the details of an Ecocide as Crime Against Peace Convention.
                                                        National Level
Target 4. By GA 2017 each country has implemented a way for all citizens to be involved in caring for their aspects of nature from local to global levels;
Target 5. By GA 2017 each country has implemented a global metric to establish each organization's each person's contributions both good and bad to the state of the earth system from local to global levels. This new metric should be connected with the indicatores selected for indicating the state of the Earth System.
Target 6. By GA 2017 A system has been set up that allows nations and people to share best practices. (Input of all stakeholders is important as a tool both to raise awareness and as a method of gaining universal support.)
Governments would organize national consultations to give input regarding  
Target 7. Mobilization of citizens locally, regionally and nationally via schools town house meetings and other means to provide input into above issues at local, national and international levels.
        Indicator 7a. Percentage of citizens of school going age who participate actively in 
        discussions at the local level, at the national level and at international levels.
Target 8. Giving input into the concept that Ecocide is be a Crime Against Humanty, Prosecutable under International  (or Universal Jurisdiction. That would mean that no matter where the transgression occured it can be prosecuted in a court that deals with such matters. So the BP probelms in the golf of mexico can be prosecuted under ecuadorian law.)Jurisdiction and how this could be implemented at local, national and international levels.
        Indicator 8 a. Percentage of  citizens of school going age and older who 
        participate actively in discussions at  the local level, at the national level and at 
        international levels.
Target  9. By 2016, creation a national conversation on how to manage those of Earth's Systems that can not be managed under national  jurisdiction, such as Climate, and the bioquimical state of Oceans, a global commons and how all can be assessed fairly for their contributions both good and bad
Target 10.                                  
Creating by 2016-7 national implementation of the a global conversation on how to manage Natural System that transcends all borders and cannot be physically appropriated or geographically delimited, and constitutes a support for life on Earth. An “Earth System” adequate for the conditions of human life, requires a specific biogeochemical structure, which humanity needs to respect in order to avoid the risk of a catastrophic environmental global change. This system which we all use and depend, upon will be our main Global Common.
    Indicator 10aPercentage of citizens of school-going age and older participating in 
    consultations at local, national and global levels.
Target 11. Implementation into school curriculum of the recognizition that all are an integral part of nature and hands-on programmes that allow students to act on this
    Indicator 11 a: Percentage of all schools within a nation where this is included into the 
Target 4: Zero waste
         Reflections on complexities and implementation.
1. This SDG must contain a national and an international component. The International component should contain some of the following steps:
a. UN General Assembly sets u p a Panel of Experts to gather data in interaction with stakeholders worldwide  on 
  • How the Earth's Systems should be managed as a global commons and how people's input can be measured. For instance, there are precedents (Outer Space, Antactica, the Sea-bed). Metrics should be used to captured  the negative and positive externalities, and accountancy system can also  be initiated in order to make a permanent management of global commons.
  • How national parts of nature on which the well-being of all people rely such as forests and water might be managed sustainably at the national level. For instance there might be parallels between how this could be done and the World Heritage Sites and also Endangered Species.
  • This panel should operate with input of stakeholders worldwide including via global consultations.
The Special Rapporteur on the Right of Indigenous Peoples, James Anaya, on the occasion of the High-Level Commemoration of the Fiftth Anniversary of the Adoption of the eclaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples stated:
            5. To which elements of the Reports does this 
                            suggestion relate?
1. The HLP Report: Shift 2: Put sustainable Development at the core; and SDG 9 Manage Natural Resource Assets Equitably.
Hello Lisinka
here you have my suggestions!
The main question is that we have to explain what is this nature that is inside and outside the borders of the states. And this is this "intangible nature", that we want to become recognized as a common heritage, that is represented by the planetary boundaries. If you not explain, people will not understand.
This is new, and must be explained.
Another question is the metric, it must be global metric and it should use the same indicators used for evaluate the state of the Earth System. It's what we are working on with the team of planetary boundaries.
One political question. You should not talk about Oceans, but "the bioquimical state of the oceans", and I think this is the way to not conflict with the jurisdiction of sates.
Warm Regards Paulo

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