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8 Jul 2013 CAUN Strategy Call TitanPad archive – SDG Development


  • (see sidebar notes below Process & Updates section)
Helene and Rob will work on setting up a Post 2015 and SDG CAN Group. We will have an open call to do the planning and work on how to set up a CAN Group on June 13th Wednesday at 11 AM Eastern. Everyone is welcome to join us and go over how to set up a group on CAN 
We have tentatively set our next strategy meeting for Monday, June 17th, if Myra and Lisinka can do it then. Both Myra and I, Lisinka, can make the 17th and I shall send out an announcement. Myra will speak about Bhutan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
(Rob: unfortunately, I have subsequently realized that SDG OWG 4 begins on the 17th. I have not decided if I will go to the UN for this session yet. If I do then I will probably miss most of our meeting on the 17th unless we re-schedule it.)
Open Working Group on the SDGs Process and Our Commons Input
The Chairs' summaries and concluding remarks for OWG 2 and 3 can be found here and for OWG 4 will soon be added towards the end of June as well. 
There is a Programme of Work schedule for all of the upcoming meetings. For each one the UN drafts:
UN TST (Technical Support Team) Issue Briefs which are on the OWG website and are worth reading. The government's all read and use them as they develop their input. See: for OWG Session 4. 
There are also Thematic Think Pieces drafted by the UN Task Team (made up of some 60 UN agenices and offices, etc.) which include Financing Strategies, etc at:
See Also: Moving toward a Common Approach on Green Growth Indicators: [Jessie noted that most indicators count so little of the real impacts of growth that there quite possibly is no such thing as "green growth" which also gets "put aside" for "more important matters" year after year too…]
There virtually are no such things as "green growth indicators" that don't confuse people into thinking that "growth" can be "green" which it most definately can't unless you say you don't mean what most everyone will think it means.
Stakeholder Forum's website on the SDGs and UN Post 2015 process is at:
>> We decided to create groups on CAN to work on our Commons input on the SDGs and and to post an article on the ECC Berlin Conference website at
  • Third Session, 22-24 May 2013: (a) food security and nutrition, sustainable agriculture, drought and desertification, land degradation; and (b) water and sanitation.
  • Rob Wheeler offered input on May 23 on the topic of "Drought, Desertification and land Degradation"
  • Akiwa Gizzel brought in Indigenous Peoples Representative from Tanzania "Masai". He offered input on May 24th on "Water and Sanitation"
  • Fourth Session, 17-19 June 2013: (a) health and population dynamics; and (b) employment and decent work for all, social protection, youth and education.
  • Akiwa Gizzel offered Indigenous Peoples Community Space for Prep Meeting leading into June 17th meeting
Preliminary SDG themes for further OWG meetings have also been prepared by Member States. The Programme of Work 2013-2014 is below:
  • Fifth Session, 25 – 27 November: (a) Sustained and inclusive economic growth, macroeconomic issues (including trade and debt) infrastructure development.
  • Sixth Session, 9 – 13 December:  (a) Means of Implementation; global partnerships for achieving sustainable development goals; (b) Needs of countries in special situations, LDCs, LLDCs, SIDA and Africa.
  • Seventh session, 6 – 10 January: (a) Sustainable cities and human settlements, sustainable transport; (b) Energy; (c) sustainable consumption and production, climate change, and disaster risk reduction.
  • Eighth session, 3 – 7 February: (a) Oceans, forests, biodiversity; (b) promoting equality, including social equality and women’s empowerment; (c) Conflict, peace and security.
Jessie is primarily interested in the process sections of our input rather than substantive content, as "my content directions would be so very different and I doubt it would be understood." She is also somewhat reluctant to be a co-author of our SDG statement because of her frustration of this lack of consideration. 
Rob suggested that any of Jessie's comments re Environmental issues that do not get into our SDG1 draft can also be included in our other recommendations for other SDGs. 
Jessie: no one is talking about what actions would bring what results so we need to include this in our input on SDG1For example, the standard form for stating SDG's is to name a goal, say why it's good, and describe what would indicate achieving it.  One might joke, saying "You can put an altimiter on a bicycle, but it doesn't turn it into an aircraft".   So it's important to know you're starting from "a bicycle" before stating your objective as "flight". 
Jessie says that the SDGs are essentially statements of ideals; but that unfortunately some of them are in conflict with the environment. She suggests that rather than making an ideal be the goal the UN should encourage people to study how what is keeping their ideals from being met in the cultural/businss environments concerned, so then can plan successful sustainable development interventions to work with their environments instead. That makes the the real impact of their various ideal policies the design of goals and targets that really work instead of just symbolize what they'd like
Wolfgang: what CAUN recommends has to fit into the framework of what the UN is doing. Lisinka: This is incredibly important because otherwise no one will give our work a second thought. Worse still: we will be marked as irrelevant. Not easy to overcome a bad name at the UN once we have it!
Helene: We have to shift the framework of discussion from where they are currently at W: and use a common language for our interventions
Jessie: the co-chair suggested that I input to the UN's internal consulting group of scientists on this and she is intending to do so. Lis: Congratulations, Jesse!!
We have two processes that we have been working on: the full Commons Statement and our recommendations on the SDGs and also our recommendations for an SDG1 on stakeholder/civil society participation in decision making processes. 
The co-chair from Kenya asked specifically during OWG Session 3 for the governments etc to give specific recommendations on means of implementation, including financing mechanisms, so we should respond to this request and include this in our statements and recommendations as well. 
Akiwa: give thought and how the goals of a commons re Youth and Education could be included and on implementing a commons perspective. Akiwa will be participating in June meeting and works a lot with youth. and doing a training program and a Youth Training initiative starting in July 17 for 1000 hours. Commons perspective on sustainability and how the commons work.  
Rob: suggests that we reach out to Sara, LJ, etc and get their input on this. Both of them have been working closely with and as a part of the Youth Caucus and have participated in CAUN's work. 
Updates & News:
HLP Report will be released on May 31 
The Environmental Sustainability Consultation concludes. See The final topics of discussion included: 
·        Local Action, Innovation and Empowerment 
·        Common or Differentiated Responsibilities?  
·        Role of Private Sector/ Markets
·        Environmental Sustainability and Equality
·        Environmental Sustainability, Human Rights, Peace and Security
A one day open meeting with Major Gps, the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the UN Secretariat is being planned, probably in June

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May 7, 2013

17:36MyraJesse suggested that we go around the table to find out what interventions might support SDG 1
17:36MyraLisinka is suggesting that we create a list of Actions
17:36MyraRob has agreed to compile/edit this document.
17:38MyraJesse's states that we can't implement any of these targets
17:39MyraLisinka asked if we can discuss Target 1
17:39MyraHer African friends laugh at the idea of the commons
17:39Myrathey feel that it is everyday business for us…
17:40MyraInfrastructue for the local level — citizen decisionmaking does exist in smaller communities
17:40MyraJesse felt Lisinka's examples are good ones
17:40MyraLisinka feels we can look for best practices…
17:41MyraJesse: slow down the pace of change; reduce complexity as we try to address the SDGs
17:42Myra: We are now going to various targets to add actions to each of the targets.
17:42MyraJesse feels to provide a list of principles..
17:43MyraTo think through the real outcomes of our interventions; Lisinka is on line 193; she called upon Jesse to add her actions…so that is where we are right now Akiwa
17:43MyraInterventions is Jesse's preferred terminology
17:44MyraActions are directive and interventions suggest an engagement or a dance with nature…
17:52MyraAkiwa — explanation of the Stakeholder Forum by Rob now…
17:53MyraJesse has encountered the current Director and has submitted papers to the forum.
17:53MyraIt is ancillary to formal system

May 10, 2013

18:09LisinkaJesse, I think it was your point "Developng awareness and the use of the UDGR. I have moved it to the bottom of SDG 1 together with the other interventions/actions under education. The first part should, I belive, just be simple: SDG, targets, indicators phrases as simply as possible. The mroe complicated actions/initiatives/interventions and the means can follow so as not to detract from the direct message.
18:27LisinkaThe comments in the text are useful as we work on developing our ideas. Eventually it would make for a clearer document if we could place them under headings such as Actions, Obstacels to be overcome and Resources. I moved one comment, but am leaving the rest so that we can see towhich part each comment relates.
18:50MyraI am not sure of the logic within the document to know where to place my comments, so I welcome you moving my contributions to more suitable places, Lisinka.
18:53LisinkaMyra, not to worry. The way people have been adding their comments within the targets and indiators serves to clarify to which points they are referring. Rob can later place the releant text under new headings below. Some points are already there.

May 13, 2013

8:30AkiwaAkiwa: My last input was made on line 300.
8:30AkiwaI add much and will complete throughout the day.
8:31AkiwaHave a great day everyone.

May 26, 2013

10:52Akiwa Gizzel:
11:27Akiwa Gizzel: Tentative meeting set for June 17th
11:36Akiwa Gizzel: website for OWG:



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