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Commons Spreadshet Template

This is a spreadsheet that was primarily created by Pablo de Soto for the Mapping the Commons of Rio workshop. I added some additional columns from a spreadsheet I was working on for the atlas.

Discussion (2)

  1. Looks interesting. The test is always in use, and I suppose it's already been used to some extent?

    Question on column AQ: "Prs/cons compared to public-public realm" – I suppose one of those "publics" should be "private"?

    On the benefits/weath: one might ask people to specify what needs they help fulfill, and for whom (e.g., a worker cooperative may fulfill their customers' needs for food, clothing, housing or the like, while it would fulfill their workers' needs for a secure and meaningful livelihood and for participation in colective decision-making; I'm taking all these from the NORA list of needs).

    Resource questions (just before the ones on wealth) could also focus on resource categories as I just mentioned in my post regarding Stefan Meretz' commons language, that is such things as non-renewable, living things (wild-living or domestic), and physical renewable (mostly energy resources such as solar energy).

    Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Yes, Pablo de Soto is using his version to map the commons of Rio. I'm working on cataloguing some commons as well – but it's not ready for viewing.

    Good catch! Yes, one is supposed to be public.

    Excellent suggestions for expanding to include needs analysis and additional categories on resources.

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