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Community Dev/SM meet 8/12/13

P2PF informal meeting. Development/Blog




  • Stacco

  • Kevin

  • Dorotea

Raw notes here.



1) Overall blog redesign ideas

a) Commons in a box-Buddypress

b) Community

2) Social Media

3) Wiki

4) Journal and Publishing

5) Kipple


1: Overall website and blog redesign ideas.

  • Ideas by end of January, Ideas, developer, design.We have to talk to Javier. Talk to James. What can he do? Lisha recommends GitHub We can try Drupal.

  • Distinguish what’s a website? What’s a blog?

  • Editorial guidelines

  • WordPress ninjas: Suzanne Fava. DO A CROWDFUND; for designer.. and Webmaster

  • What features do we need, not need? Do a survey to see what features

  • Communications channel. Offer as MANY possibilities for interaction as possible. CIB/Bpress email interaction.

  • Adding images to blog posts

  • Turn mailing lists into forums with email access

  • Make it more creative, personal, less "masculine". Make access easier, make people feel invited. Community management MORE PERSONAL

  • people

  • pictures

  • how to connect

  • how to contribute

  • little changes on the website before we change to the new software

  • AM: "Looks like a corporate newsletter"

  • AMOUNT of content Tagging it properly

  • Visual theme ideas




  • …..or similar

  • Importance of Featured Images. Categories

  • Essential! Tag original content/reposts

  • Register blog as a "journal" Travel the world for free!


a) Commons in a Box/Buddypress


  • Thinking about what features we want

  • Kevin has tried Bpress.want to compare it to CIB

  • Dorotea Community Manager

  • Sign up for every site with buddypress.


b) Community


  • welcoming people

  • connecting people

  • groups and projects

  • community meetups to get to know each other or to discuss some topics+1


2: Social Media

  • 4 posts a day/Use less, more "featured"?

  • G+: Less content, better indexed, contact point.

  • Investigate autoposting:  SEO plugin

  • We need strategy coordination.

  • (Insert the SM roles here Kevin from the shared docs)

  • Twitter. Does Bernardo have access?




  • Bring someone in with Wikimedia experience


4: Journal and Publishing ( some ideas )

  • register a P2P Journal

  • and maybe P2P Research Journal

  • and P2P Publishing

  • p2p journalists

  • collaborative p reviews


5) Kipple


  • Live tutorial exchange : Trello/WikiMedia (may be better to do it n Hangouts, so we can record as screencast?(maybe a specific hangout just for this-recording to make it more concise?)Yeah, either that or edit it from a longer one

  • Open Source alternatives to Trello Hangout etc (Percloud??)

  • Communication and internal communication mailing lists integrated in the web group/forum




Discussion (4)

  1. > Open Source alternatives to Trello Hangout etc (Percloud??)

    big blue button is free software for video conference 🙂

    i’ll ask if there’s an open server we can try

  2. Suzanne helped design the C-Realm podcast website, but it's Lisha Sterling who's maintining it. Lisha's a great writer and podcaster herself, so we're encouraging her to contribute to the P2P blog and she's also a master-hacka!

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