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How to Create a Group

Groups are used as work spaces where groups of people can work collaboratively on one or several projects. Their activity s made visible to one another by using tags that aggregate and display the activity of several groups working on similar issues. NORA categories may provide interesting themes to tag and aggregate groups.

Groups may associated to Project Management Boards (embedded Trello boards, see the sample project board) that can help projects, schedule tasks and connect the various operations going on in a group.

A sample group with some explanations can be see here.

To create a group follow the following steps:

  • Go to the group page and select the Create a Group button
  • Find a short and explicit group name (remember it will appear in the side bar)
  • Create a short one line description. Be as brief as possible as you will have whole description pages with advanced editor and layout capabilities to showcase the group extensively (these are available in 'extras' for more info see the Sample Project Group).
  • Enter or select group tags from the list. These will help search groups and aggregate activities of several groups. Tags appear as a cloud on the group directory which displays all groups related to a clicked tag
  • Click Create group and continue.
  • Complete all the steps:

    • Details for name and description
    • Settings for privacy options, access permissions and email notifications,
    • Forums to be enabled if relevant.
    • Docs to be enabled (for docs creation see here. list will be accessible from sidebar menu)
    • Avatar to upload an image.


  • Extras are also available in the admin menu when the group is created. This enables to create custom pages. For more information go to the Sample group
  • All these settings can be modified via the Admin tab on the group sidebar menu.
  • Via the admin tab you will also be able to:

    • create an automatic welcome email for new members (email options)
    • open the group for sharing buddydrive files (files can be uploaded at the member's profile level with various sharing options there, see BuddyDrive video), these files will appear on the buddydrive list accessible from the sidebar menu
    • assign member permissions and manage members
  • All CAN members will be able to access public groups by requesting to join.  Private groups need a request to join. Invitations can also be sent out via Send Invites on the sidebar menu.

Don't hesitate to ask additional questions here.

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