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Culture at the United Nations

Culture by Kathleen Quain
Culture as it is being integrated into the United Nations' 2015 Goals

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Culture at the United Nations

Culture, a natural global creative enabler of sustainability, is being integrated into the UN’s 2015 goals.  Since the 2008 financial crisis, an organic response of health within global society has risen through creativity to jumpstart innovation and a new global creative economy.
This common phenomenon of health within different cultures is fostering a new global creative economy, changing mindsets as it births creative industries, new models for participation and an empowered social base.  A spontaneous shift of this magnitude indicates the allowance for local control of sustainable development; supporting local markets, a soft global economy while each country fully nurtures its creative human potential.
Culture enriches society by inspiring mutual understanding, respect, diversity, creativity and necessary innovation.  By expressing peoples’ feelings of belonging, articulation of interests, curiosity about their world and the world at large, mutual understanding, cultural cooperation facilitates dynamic local solutions.  Listening and acknowledging the health within cultures, strengthens the culture’s value as understood functional norms and rights within nature.  Without ownership, cultures become everyone’s property to honor and enjoy, thus setting the grand diverse stage for happiness.
Clearly, culture echoes internationally as a tool for social inclusion, an economic engine.  The importance of cultural roots, the indigenous pride it inspires has crescendoed in volume, force and intensity alongside the world’s need for integral sustainable development.  Sustainable development is anchored in local cultures and the potential within their environments.  As we step forward to sustainably develop our planet, it is important to open our hearts and minds to the positive creative genius within humankind; a natural expression of the beauty, health and wonder within nature.  
The UN’s outreach sharing of clean technologies that support nature and indigenous wisdom including traditional agricultural solutions through the Sustainable Development Solutions Network will enable healthy sustainable development within all cultures.  Information technology can carry climate change solutions to areas of the globe where they are needed.  Digital media can reflect natural health innovations for the world to learn, share wisdom and lend a helping hand.


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