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How to create a Project

Projects are an interesting way to showcase what specific workgroups are doing within groups, so that they can become visible to each other and to the whole network and cross fertilize their work. This is the place where you can describe your project, link to the project's specific tags (wiki, docs) that will help sort out and retrieve all the documents created by or relevant to the workgroup.

  • To get started, Projects must be enabled in the group's admin configuration (don't enable the calendar under projects as the feature is not currently working).
  • Open the Projects page from the Project tab accessible on the group's sidebar menu.
  • To create a Project click add new project.


  • Enter a title.
  • Description can be entered in html. If you are not familiar with html, use the visual text editor of the docs and paste the html code in the project description window. You may want to use a color to highlight links -they currently come out black even when coming from the doc editor!…).
  • Save your doc by clicking Submit (attention, the delete button is very prominent!)
  • Tips for presentation see demo project:


    • You can add a picture.
    • List the tags that are relevant to your projects that will help your group members access the work documents, and other members of the CAN to find what you are doing. Tags links can be found at the bottom of docs and in every document, wikipage, blogpost list.
    • Link to your Trello board see How to create a project board
    • Add relevant links or lists of links -in a doc for example though this should not be necessary if tags are appropriately used-

Don't hesitate to ask questions or comment below.

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