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July 2013 Newsletter

Newsletter posted July 24, 2013

Dear CAN Members,

It is now one year since the idea of CAN, the Commons Abundance Network, was first conceived during a meeting in the Netherlands, and we'd like to share a few updates with you on this occasion!

Our membership now stands at 53 active members, with another dozen or so who have not yet become “active” (by doing something more than just registering). Though small, our membership is quite international, with people living in 19 different countries, the most important ones being the United States (24 active members), the United Kingdom (4), the Netherlands and Spain (3 each), Australia, Germany, Norway, and Sweden (2 each). We look forward to welcoming more new members, expanding on this base.

At the initiative of Hana Hrstkova,, we now have a Twitter account, and anyone who wishes to can get frequent updates on what is happening on our site or get to see commons related tweets. And anyone can tweet out or post on various social networks content of our website. On Twitter, we can be found at Commons Abundance@GrowTheCommons. Thank you, Hana, for taking this initiative!

Meanwhile, we are continuing to work on the collaboration tools on the site, on its general look, and on the NORA Knowledge Base. In the last month, some new pages have been added there, including:

the commons:,


currencies and markets:,

opportunities to learn:,

participation in economic and political decision-making:

Although not part of NORA, another new page on the history of CAN may be of interest to you:

We would also like to improve the integration between NORA and member profiles. We can use your help on this: if you run a website or have published something that is relevant to a NORA page, and you wish it to be linked, please let us know! On any page, we can create a section “Member Publications” or “Member Links” to feature what our members are doing or writing that is relevant to that page. We have done a beginning on the “Energy” page, featuring two articles by our member Mihir Mathur, see If you wish your work to be featured like this, please let us know, or insert the link or reference following the same format as on the energy page! Groups can be linked in a similar way, such as the "Commons-Backed Currencies" group linked from the "Currencies and Markets" page – see To help you find pages for which your work or group is relevant, below is a list of pages that have been published so far.

Meanwhile, we are continuing to look for ways to make it easier to navigate the website and find members with whom you share interests, and we are planning to involve more university students in the creation of NORA content in the fall semester. We are also looking into developing partnerships with allied groups and organizations, such as the P2P Foundation and the CommonSpark Collective. We'll keep you posted as the website evolves.

Best wishes, that you may all live in a more abundant world!

Wolfgang Hoeschele and Helene Finidori






–Seed saving

–Urban farming

–Rooftop gardening

–Local food systems

-Being at home

–Complete streets


-Opportunities to learn

–Scientific commons

–Barefoot College

-Meaningful livelihoods

-Participation in economic and political decision-making:



-Air and Atmosphere



–Land for nature preservation

—US-government-designated nature reserves


–Solar energy

—Solar residential design

–Large-scale wind power

-Physical, human-made assets

–Sustainable buildings

–Transport infrastructure

–Internet infrastructure

—Community-based internet business models



Organizational forms


-Natural resource management

-Individual sales

-Committed sales or services

-Currencies and markets

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