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Organizational Forms Site Plan

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Organizational Forms Site Plan






Self-provisioning cluster:

  • urban planning that supports walkable neighborhoods
  • shorter work-weeks
  • fab-labs
  • computer software that enables individual creativity (multi-media, design, publishing etc.)
  • gender equality
  • self-built housing
  • buying clubs
  • Information resources and educational programs for
  • gardening
  • parenting
  • cooking
  • health
  • DIY projects (home-building, repair, furniture building etc.)


Community solidarity cluster

Natural resource management cluster

Individual sales cluster:

  • Worker cooperatives
  • Employee stock ownership plans
  • Worker co-management
  • Government regulations to protect consumers, workers, and the environment
  • Fair trade organizations
  • Social certifications (e.g., for sweatshop-free goods)
  • Environmental certifications (e.g., organic agriculture, sustainable forestry)

Constrained-choice services or sales cluster:

  • Utilities: water, sewage, natural gas, electricity, cable services, landline and mobile phone companies
    • Public utilities
    • Customer-owned utilities
    • Hybrid models


  • Public transport services
    • Publicly owned public transportation
    • Public-private partnerships
  • Transportation and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Public parks and places
  • Production of large aircraft, large weapon systems, industrial plants, transportation infrastructure
    • Methods to ensure effective public oversight, to prevent corruption and cost overruns
  • Banking, insurance, and other financial services
    • Credit unions
    • Mutual insurance companies
    • Microfinance
  • Educational institutions (K-12, universities, community colleges, business schools, adult education centers, etc.)
  • Hospitals and other health-care institutions
  • Retirement homes and services
  • Social services, including unemployment and retirement benefits and benefits for people with disabilities
  • Legislation
  • Courts, arbitration and dispute settlement
  • Law or rule enforcement; police
  • Government administration and taxation
    • Participatory budgeting
    • Democratic procedures
  • The military
  • Subscriptions and services with long-term contracts
    • online social networks
    • community supported agriculture.
  • Religious institutions
  • Professional and business associations, chambers of commerce, unions, and other similar organizations
  • Community development and planning institutions
  • Principled societies



Coercion and denial of choice cluster

Sharing/renting cluster

Free knowledge cluster




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