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Share Files via BuddyDrive

Files can be shared via BuddyDrive.

  • Each member of our community has a BuddyDrive area in their member's page. It is accessible via the Buddydrive tab in the member's page sidebar menu.
  • The BuddyDrive edit bar allows you to manage your content: you can add new files, new folders, set your privacy settings, edit them and of course delete them at any time.

  • Using folders is a convenient way to share a list of files at once. You just need to create a folder, open it an add the files of their choice to it. When sharing a folder, a member actually shares the list of files that is attached to it.

  • There are five levels of privacy for the files or folders:

    • Private: you will be the only one to be able to download the file.
    • Password protected: a password will be required before being able to download the file.
    • Public: everyone can download the file.
    • Your friends only: you can restrict a download to your friends only.
    • One of your groups: if the administrator of the group enabled BuddyDrive, you can get your file to appear in the Group's BuddyDrive library and restrict the download to members of the group only. A file can only appear in one group.

  • You can define who you want to share them with. The share link is available under the file name in the file list. Depending on the privacy option we will be able to :

    • Share a public BuddyDrive item in his personal activity.
    • Share a password protected item using the private messaging BuddyPress component.
    • Alert his friends he shared a new item using the private messaging BuddyPress component.
    • Share his file in a group activity to inform the other members of the group. For files to be shared within a group, buddydrive must be enabled in the configuration of the group. When a file is shared in a group, it appears both on the group's activity page and on the general activity page as well.
    • Copy the link to his item and paste it anywhere in the docs or the wiki. This link will automatically be converted into a nice piece of html.


  • To change the level of privacy, including the group under which the file appears or to change the folder under which a file appears:

    • Select the file you want to link to a group (check the checkbox at the left of it)
    • Click the edit icon.
    • Select the level of privacy and select your group if relevant.
    • Select the folder under which to place your file.
    • Save.


For further detail see the video tutorial (10 minutes).

BuddyDrive from imath on Vimeo.


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