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How to start a Titanpad enabled Chat

For real time conversations:

  • Open the Titanpad enabled Chat start page, and click create public pad.
  • Locate the URL of this pad by clicking the invite link on the right hand side panel. You can invite people by email into the chat if you know their email address or via an internal personal message.

  • Start chatting you are all set. Remember to specify your name at the top of the chat sidebar to be recognized.
  • To keep a conversation on-going, save the chat and copy the chat URL on your project docs, management boards, Titanpads etc…
  • If you experience any problem, lose the connection and need to retrieve the conversation, paste the URL of the chat on your browser. If you refresh the page, you will get back to the titanpad homepage, able to start a new conversation, but loosing the previous one.
  • Take notice of the Titanpad deletion policy. To save the conversation for future reference only, you may be better off exporting and saving the pad in another format.
  • If the chat leads to a project, open up a Project Board. Project management boards allow file attachments.
  • If the project leads to the writing of a collaborative document, open up a Collaborative Doc

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