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How to Create a Doc

We are using Docs as the basis for group and project collaboration. Docs can be used as such for blog type dicussions, FAQs or wiki type articles, they can also be configured to host a chat, collaboratively edit documents via embedded Titanpads, or collaboratively manage projects and tasks via embedded Trello boards. For the moment this is not fully automatized, so it requires some minor set up by group and project admins. Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully.

>>  Editing of docs can be opened to multiple people (from group admin only to all logged in users). But they cannot edit a doc simultaneously as one editor may override the work of the other, so edit is blocked to others once someone is editing. So Docs in their simple form are not adapted for collaborative drafting and editing document. If this is what you would like to create se How to create Collaborative Docs.

To create a 'simple' doc

  • Access Docs in the sidebar menu for each of your groups.
  • Docs are visible on the sidebar if enabled at the group level.
  • Opening docs will lead you to a list of docs filed under this group. The Create New Doc button is there too.
  • If Docs don't appear on the sidebar menu of your group, ask the group admin to enable them. you will need this access to get to the list of docs.
  • In the meantime, you can create a new doc here.
  • Once you opened a new Doc and gave it a title, to insert your content, click on the Visual tab first to get the advanced edit toolbars to appear.

  • You can pretty much insert anything in there except attachments (we are working to make this possible).
  • Before saving the doc make sure it is associated with a group if you want it to appear in the Group's Doc list. Use the drop-down menu under "Associated Group" to select the group you want.
  • Allocate the relevant permissions in the "Access" section. You may want to open up reading to a wider audience than the group, and restrict commenting for some specific types of posts.
  • Create one or more tags based on the main topic or topics of your doc, keeping the following points in mind:
  • The total number of tags should be five or less.
  • All tags should be about something that can help people find your document easily think keywords.
  • Tags should include a the short name of your project and workgroup/organization if there is one involved, so that all the documents relative to them can easily be found.
  • Tags should consists of only one or two words, not a phrase (if a phrase comes to mind, split it up into two or more simple terms and make those into tags).
  • It is a good idea to use tags that already exist – refer to the tags on the list of docs of your group that may be applicable to your doc and project!
  • Select a parent document if needed.
  • Save the doc.
  • Docs can be edited by clicking the EDIT tab at the top of the document. Editing and consulting history may not be available (i.e. visible) depending on the access permissions granted.

  • Docs creation and edits will not unfortunately appear automatically as activity of the group (though they appear on the general activity page). Post a comment under the board with a link to the URL of the doc if you wish to announce its creation or a modification to the group.
  • Docs lists are visible from the group navigation menu Docs tab on the sidebar of group pages. Docs must be enabled at the group level for Docs to appear in the sidebar.

Don't hesitate to ask your questions and post your comments below.

Discussion (2)

  1. These are complex tools, for many kinds of pages that seem hard to visualize the arrangement of.   I expect that like a WIKI needs strong editorial contributions that just the organization of projects here would too.   I had a WIKI once that let me create project templates, so that workgroup projects could all follow a well designed model for that kind of work group.   

    I wonder is that needed or possible here? 

    • Hi Jessie, I’m not sure what you have in mind and which type of template you are reffering to. The docs that serve as a basis for workgroup projects are blank pages that can be accommodated as one would wish. Embedding titanpads and trello boards into docs is in itself a form of template. A group could create any form of work templates on docs that could be easily retrievable and shareable throughout the groups using a ‘template’ tag.

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