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Test discussion document

So here we can start a discussion, with reference links, attached files etc…

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  1. And here I can make a comment

    • And I can reply to the first comment and fork it off…

      • And to the comment of the comment and fork it off

      • Profile photo of Rob Wheeler Rob Wheeler says:

        Hi, I am trying to see if there is any kind of an index with this or a way to add a subject or title to new forked comments OR how the forks will look on the comments page. So here goes. We'll see how this looks when I post it. Rob


        • Profile photo of Rob Wheeler Rob Wheeler says:

          NEW TOPIC:  


          Ok, it seems there is no way to title new posts or forking comments, however we could ask people to list new topics t the beginning of their posts, such as I have done above. Also I got Helene's note about a threaded option being added to CAN. Thanks for letting me know Helene. Let me know please when it is reaady to try or use. 




          • Hi Rob, thanks for stepping in. Docs allow threaded comments, but no there isn't a way to title new posts, and to see an index. That's the drawback. Forking (if you mean by that taking away a branch and attaching it somewhere else) is possible currently on forums but I need to check the permissions on this and the extend of it -across topics, groups etc-. But what a forum does not provide, and a doc does is the possibility to have an evolving reference document that incorporates the outputs of a discussion. If we manage to focus our discussions, we should be able to do without indexes. And tweak the tools as we go.

  2. The only drawback compared to a forum: you don't have the 'stats' such as this thread has x nb of comments.

    It doesn't 'collapse' the posts.

  3. So all the comments in a doc which are threaded appear in general activity and in the activity of the related group (here we are in the sample group)

  4. I dont' see the "doc" you're saying these comments are for, but, Here's another comment, so I can see if it's then editable, what seems to be the critical issue when people are posting their resources and viewpoints for a new discussion. 

    • A doc is not a 'word document' or an external file. It's a specific type of page on the website… You don't see it but it's right there. You posted your comment on it! Now… scroll up from where you posted this comment…. and there's your doc! It's called Test discussion document, and contains only one line that says:

      "So here we can start a discussion, with reference links, attached files etc…"

      Now, you go to create a doc, from the docs tab of whichever group you want your doc to be filed in, and there you go!

  5. I guess for our purpose, we'd need everyone to collect their inputs in the text of a "doc", keeping them graphically separated from others, for the discussion starting resource collection to be editable.    First let's find out what subject we're supposed to be discussing and think it over. 

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