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How to create a Titanpad Collaborative Doc

Regular Docs can be set to be edited by several people (from group admin only to all logged in users). But this cannot be simultaneous as edit is blocked to others once someone is editing. Here is a way to embed a Titanpad within a CAN Doc, making it easily available for project members, and accessible from the Docs list. Docs lists are visible from the group navigation menu Docs tab on the sidebar of group pages. Docs must be enabled at the group level for Docs to appear in the sidebar.

To create a Titanpad Collaborative Doc follow these steps:

  • In a separate window or tab, create a Titanpad by typing  (name to add to the titanpad URL) in your browser (chose a distinctive name, starting with CAN may avoid running accross titanpads already created with this name). Titanpad basic does not require any login.
  • We also have internal pads available here: where you can create a pad with a name of your choice.
  • Go to your selected group and create a doc. Docs are accessible on the group's sidebar menu.
  • Name your Doc preferably with the same name as the one chosen for the Titanpad for easy retrieval.
  • In the content editor, first click on the visual tab to get the advanced editing toolbars to appear.

  • Select the 'planet earth' icon (iFrame) the last on the right hand side of the second toolbar line. Copy & paste the URL of your Pad or Titanpad in the iFrame properties box. Set the width to 100%, the length to 600 and alignment left. Select 'Enable scrollbars'. Save the iFrame (OK). The titanpad is embedded.

  • Select the + Associated Group and + Access permissions for the doc. This is important as it will determine where and by whom the doc will be seen and findable.
  • Create one or more tags based on the main topic or topics of your doc, keeping the following points in mind:


    • The total number of tags should be five or less.
    • All tags should be about something that can help people find your document easily when looking for the topic think keywords.
    • Tags should include a the short name of your project and workgroup/organization if there is one involved, so that all the documents relative to them can easily be found.
    • Tags should consists of only one or two words, not a phrase (if a phrase comes to mind, split it up into two or more simple terms and make those into tags).
    • It is a good idea to use tags that already exist – refer to the tags on the list of docs of your group that may be applicable to your doc and project!
  • Select as + Parent as relevant to your project.
  • Save the doc. The Titanpad should appear.
  • Post a comment under the board with a link to the URL of the doc to announce its creation to the group.
  • Invite people by email via the invite link of the Titanpad or via a CAN internal personal message with the doc's URL.
  • If you get lost or the Titanpad disapears from the iFrame, you can get it back by refreshing the page. The Titanpad can be retrieved with its original URL available via the invite link on the right side.

  • Take notice of the Titanpad deletion policy. It may be wise to transfer the pad's content to a doc or export it in another format once the bulk of the collaborative work is done. Files can be attached to Trello Project Boards.
  • Titanpad gives the possibility to open private work spaces dedicated to teamwork with additional sign in on their website here on their website. This will enable you to keep track of your pads, in addition to the docs lists.

Test and play with a test Titanpad Collaborative Doc here

If you have a question or a comment related to this topic, post it as a comment below.

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