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Transform a Doc into a Trello Project Management Board

  1. Create a Trello board on You will need to open an account there if you haven't one already.
  2. Make sure you give a short and distinctive board name in relation to the project name.
  3. Copy the Board's URL
  4. Go to your group and create a doc.
  5. We advise you choose the same name as the board.
  6. In the content editor, first click on the visual tab to get the advanced editing toolbars to appear.
  7. Select the 'planet earth' icon (iFrame) the last on the right hand side of the second toolbar line. Insert the URL of your board. Set the width to 100%, the length to 600 and alignment left. Select 'Enable scrollbars'. Save the iFrame.
  8. Add tags, don't forget to specify Trello, board, project and keywords of your project name to filter it more easily when the list will have grown.
  9. Do not select a parent doc as this may crash the document.
  10. Save the doc.
  11. Post a comment under the board with a link to the URL of the doc to announce its creation to the group.
  12. If something goes wrong no worries: you can retrieve the board from you board list on Trello.

Test and play with a test project board here

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