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Urban Paper and Plastic Recycling in China

The importance of recycling becomes apparent in urban settings, especially in China, the country with the world's largest population. As the population grows, the goal of creating abundance becomes more necessary in part because of the scarcity of land; which is where the benefits of re-using and recycling the products already made outweigh the short term costs.



Context within NORA

Relationship to Needs

Being at home is a feeling many look forward to at the end of the day. Yet in an urban city filled with pollution, the home and neighborhood might not be the cleanest place. It is possible to increase happiness in one's home environment by further developing the paper and plastic recycling practices in China's high populated cities. Through a community effort, the meaningful livelihoods of the people in China could increase. Recycling efforts in paper and plastic urbanization provide the people with a feeling that their world matters, which ultimately helps everyone.

Relationships to Resources

The Earth's natural resources of the air and atmosphere, water, along with living things (with include human beings) are the primary resources that benefit from improving recycling practices in paper and plastic products. Harmful chemicals and toxins can be released into the environment using primitive recycling versus high-tech practices which reduce the exposure to such harmful substances. These substances can also harm land making it unusable and polluted. Through improving these practices in China, all living things will benefit making their environment a safer world to live in.

Relationship to Organizational Forms

Committed services or sales cluster is the heart of recycling in China which imports and exports many types of products in regards to paper and plastic recycling. Individual workshops, often family run, are set up to recycle products which then go to other firms to re-use, involving long-term commercial relationships. In addition, the government regulates paper and plastic agencies attempting to help protect the environment. Recycling in China relates also to the individual sales cluster as individual operators in the waste-commodity chain may buy and sell on an individual sales basis.

Recycling paper and plastic  


Current ways of recycling in China







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