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    The various “Leave The Group” buttons and things seem rather confrontational, in feeling at least, asking if you want to cancel your membership every time you visit a group you’re a member of. I haven’t known what to suggest, but here’s an idea.

    Why not have all that stuff under one’s own profile settings page? Then when you want to add or change your subscriptions and notification settings, etc., you’d go to your own settings page where the variables could all be checked from the memberships and settings lists, rather than scattered all over, to be prompted when you have no interest in changing settings at all. Would that be possible to suggest? One of the nice settings to have would be a “Default Login page”… so when you login you can opt to return to the page you’d been on when you logged in, or go by default to a particular “homegroup” or things…


    Helene, I noticed that the notices of posts I receive by email are all in plain text, not HTML. That results in losing any formatting or links, which is too bad to lose from those worth saving. Can that be changed?

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    Jessie, actually the links expressed as URLs come out in notification emails, and those as hyperlinks ‘behind’ a text don’t. I thought that may habe been a bug in the update but actually no. It’s been the case all along. I will mention this to support so it can be changed in a next update. Thanks for bringing this up.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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