What we care for in common which ensures our livelihoods and the regeneration and abundance of life. The practices and partnerships between people that enable us do so in participatory, equitable and sustainable ways. What we need to reclaim, protect and nurture, so that all people, and other living forms, nature, our environment can thrive, not only in the present, but in the future as well. Commons are expressed in a multitude of ways.


A systemic condition and a lived experience mutually supporting each other, fulfilling an aspiration toward a virtuous spiral of positive change, toward a vision of all people having their fundamental needs met while sustainably using resources.


A constellation of interrelated projects and interconnected practitioners, activists, researchers, and change agents learning and working together across traditional boundaries to each bring a piece of a response to the transformative process necessary for systemic change and create a cohesive sense of possibility, to enhance genuine abundance and protect and nurture the commons in all its manifestations.
The Commons Abundance Network (CAN) is an emerging co-learning, research, innovation and action network operating both offline and online as an incubator or laboratory for transformative action towards commons based abundance.
CAN's online platform provides an environment and tools where project groups that are part of the network can learn and work together on various solutions and actions, and open up channels to help bring these solutions into application in a mutually enriching approach. 
The CAN platform comprises:
  • A knowledge base, the NORA, created as an educational project and a resource for addressing the manners in which the Needs of humans and other living beings can be met while using Resources sustainably, through the choice and further development of appropriate Organizational forms, processes and practices, resulting in Abundance. It emphasizes the interlinkages among these elements in a systems perspective, to highlight interdependencies, and where synergies among diverse efforts are possible. 
  • A collaboration toolbox and co-working spaces (forms of mini sites) where project groups share various kinds of resources and collaborate on topic-based research or goal oriented tasks. Project spaces are available for anyone in the transformative field to showcase and manage their own projects, while learning and synergizing with others.
  • An access to various institutional and non institutional advocacy and communication channels opened up by members of the network.



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