Is CAN for Me?

If any of the questions below apply to you, this is how CAN may be the right fit for you or your organization.


Are you perplexed how to come to grips with the social, economic and environmental problems that are disrupting your life and that of other people worldwide?

CAN will put you in contact with people and communities that have found ways of dealing with many of the issues that confront you today and with networks you can join that can support you as you develop the solutions most appropriate to your situation. Just go to the NORA (Needs, Organizational Forms, and Resources for Abundance) portal, which is searchable via major headings and subheadings, geographically, by keywords, or by following internal links.


Would you like support in creating a commons?

You can find people who can share their experiences with you and help you get started, both through the NORA portal and the CAN social network.


Are you already working in a commons, and wish to share experiences with people engaged in similar projects elsewhere, so everyone can get better at what they're doing?

The CAN social network offers forums and innovation spaces where people with similar or complementary experiences can exchange information, observations, and experiences, and generate new ideas how to make their work more effective. You can also contribute to the NORA wiki.


Have you made progress in creating greater abundance for yourself and others through a commons, and wish to let others know how they can do it too?

You can update the information on the NORA portal, which is similar to Wikipedia. You can also make yourself available through the CAN social network so that others engaged in similar projects can consult you.


Do you wish to advocate for the use of the best commons-based practices, anywhere from your local community to the United Nations?

The NORA portal and the CAN social network will allow you to find and formulate solutions, policy and develop strategy with like-minded organizations and provides channels for you to bring these to the attention of world leaders, the United Nations, civil society organizations and governments at all levels.


Do you believe that we must build a world where all people have access to, produce, manage and share equitably in the resources of nature and society which they need to survive and thrive? Do you believe that such a world must foster the well-being of all people and nature; and that it is therefore necessary for all people to have an equitable say in how our world develops?

By using the informational, networking, planning and action modalities of CAN you will be helping people, communities and networks to create relationships that empower one another and weave an ever stronger foundation for a global economy that creates abundance for all.


Do you believe that the role of an economy is to grow the commons in all its forms, at all levels and scales, and promote the well-being of all people and the whole?

The CAN network channels the knowledge and efforts around this vision and creates a capacity for advocacy to spread this vision and transform existing institutions.


Possible future projects

As the Commons Abundance Network grows, it may also become feasible to offer postings for job and volunteer opportunities, and to facilitate the creation of new organizational partnerships.