• Helene Finidori commented on the doc Help Build the Peeragogy Accelerator (Work in Progress) in the group Group logo of Peeragogy AcceleratorPeeragogy 5 years, 2 months ago

    Yes, lots of fails here… isn't failing a form of learning 🙂 ?

    I think it's an incubator/accelerator of change or transformative action through research and learning in all its forms that we need to build 🙂 (self-learning, co-learning, assisted learning). Because once we have this, implementation becomes easy…

    I remember @joe-corneli our discussions on bundle submissions… Maybe that's what we will actually be doing here? Bundling a certain number of projects in order to accelerate them?

    We can add to the mix the work Wolfgang will be doing with Flok, bringing Flok research into the NORA taxonomy.

    Charlotte mentioned the Europe Horizon 2020 research project, that's also something we are looking into and that we could approach as a network of projects.