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    Hi @daytripperdiva & friends, how is the CAN experience going? I find it quite hard to follow things on G+ because things change place all the time… One possibility would be to use the extra group features to gather in one place important links to conversations on G+? Look at the Communicating the Commons group, there’s a set of tabs on the home page, where pages can be customized to showcase a certain number of things (or make them more easily findable). Now that I’m back I can give a hand in how to get started.

    • Is there some general feed – or a way to create one – of all recent activity across the site? The front page shows recently active people, but that doesn’t help me find the recent posts in the various groups that I’m involved with. For comparison, on PlanetMath.org the frontpage shows a feed of all posts from across the site. Something like that would be useful for people (like me) who are engaging in different groups.

      Apart from this software issue, there’s a social issue, which is that many of the Peeragogy people have not made accounts here, so participation has been low/slow. I’m not sure what we can learn from that. We’re considering using paragogy.net as a home-page for the Peeragogy Accelerator. I think we would expect a similar *social* problems to the one I mentioned above, not many people “making the jump” to a different platform – but technically, a MediaWiki wiki might be easier for us to use and maintain.

      As a broad reflection: whatever platform we use, the kind of information curating that you’re talking about requires both a motivated curator and an interested audience. I think we need to discuss both issues more (I think any definitive platform choice will be premature until we really know what we’re doing with regard to some of these basic “media” questions).


      • Thanks for the feeback Joe. There’s actually an activity tab on the menu, that shows the site wide activity feed that you can get in RSS format. Just make it your home page. The home page is actually for people discovering the website. It could be tweaked a bit… One of the pictures on the slider points to the activity as well. I havent found a WP plugin that gets the activity to scroll in a nice format on the home page as I would have liked. I also need to look into enabling login via G+ and FB, and Open ID.

        I am not sure a wiki would draw more participation… You are right, it needs curation and participation, and both need to be worked on. But here we are typically talking of workgroups with some specific focus and deliverables. So the audience could be captive.

      • And there’s still a bug somewhere because this particular comment above did not appear in the activity…