• Dear Bruce,

    I did not know about FIC, it seems there's a great commonality with what we are doing and in particular with the NORA and Wolfgang's research on abundance and the commons (not sure if you know he published a book on the Economy of Abundance)

    Also, I agree the issues of failure you are talking about are very pervasive. Because there's a form of 'double bind' here where a community needs a leader/founder/driver to get it to a certain stage/threshold, but then, there needs to be some built in 'self-maturation' and self attraction pull process/mechanism otherwise when the 'few individual drivers' disappear, nobody's left aboard to keep the flame burning. I also observed that when there are a few leaders around, things are held together and getting done, but voices rise up to denounce autocracy. I think I understand what you mean but I haven't formalized it yet, so I'm very interested in collaborating and exploring your discoveries and how they can help others. Especially because while this present Johannesburg project seems on a halt, I am having other discussions with othe people about networks of networks, and alliances.

    How about we create a project group on Collaborating across networks and communities, and open a document where you can share your discoveries?