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    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for getting this conversation started! I still need to get up to speed about Peeragogy; it took me a few days to recover from end-of-the-semester business, and I'm planning to study the peeragogy handbook in order to get a better sense of it.

    Meanwhile, I have created a "member links" section on the "opportunities to learn" page to Joe Corneli's profile and to the Peeragogy site; if I should link further names and sites or publications there, please let me know! This is the page: http://commonsabundance.net/wiki/opportunities-to-learn/.

    Also, as the NORA knowledge base continues to grow, there needs to be a page on the "organizational form" of "free knowledge" – perhaps some of you in this group can contribute to that?

    FYI, I am now at work studying EU Horizon 2020 documentation – possible funding source for our work, and if we can show them that we are linking a variety of knowledge communities together, I think we can strengthen our case for funding. Once I am familiar with both some of your literature and those funders' ideas, I hope to offer some suggestions how we can jointly apply!