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    Hi Joe,

    That quote you brought up really does sound interesting. As somebody who doesn't know anything about the underlying ICT, I have no idea how it would be realized, but it sounds like an excellent approach to ensuring that people don't reinvent the wheel, and that what each contributes within the context of their own projects also contributes to a larger common project of information and knowledge sharing.

    The Horizon 2020 program of the EU does support international cooperation beyond the EU, as long as the funded programs have some EU partners. I have been delving into their publications, and they explicitly say that. They also talk about supporting inclusive and sustainable growth (they use the "growth" idea, but we can always say that we're for growth too – growth of real needs met, growth of knowledge sharing, growth of biodiversity, etc., just not growth of economic indicators which are only means, not ends). The point here is that if we want to be inclusive and sustainable, then we need to talk about the commons! They also talk about promoting synergies between their different programs, about supporting research and innovation by SME's. We're promoting synergies, and most of the businesses that are organized according to commons principles (or social and solidarity economy) are in the SME size range. There is really a lot that we can bring into this that fits with the goals the Horizon 2020 people are tlaking about, we just need to make sure that we make that all highly epxlicit so that they recognize their own language in what we are doing.

    From a funding point of view it's also important to know who is what kind of legal entity, and so how we route the money. CAN is not yet a legal entity, but I'm thinking that money to us could be routed either through the P2P Foundation or through the Free Knowledge Institute – both of which are legal entities based in the EU. Is Peeragogy a formal organization, and where is it based? Would it be possible to route money to it via the FKI, so that could handle the money going to both CAN and Peeragogy? Further partners could be the Global Action Plan International (based in Stockholm, but with country programs in numerous countries in Europe and elsewhere), the Union of International Organizations (based in Belgium, but with members in many countries – the majority of members are in western Europe), the FLOK Society with its program in Ecuador, and also potentially the Swedish Sustainable Economy Foundation. Each of these organizations would bring in different kinds of focus and strengths; if we can create a synergy among all those, then we've got a strong base to bring in yet more groups in future.

    I am thinking of doing a conference call, maybe the week of January 6, to bring together people from all or most of the organizations just mentioned – about eight people. This many people tends to become difficult on a Skype call; if somebody has access to a conference call service, that might be better. We'd also have to have a good sense of what we're planning to do on the call to make sure we really get something done. The first deadlines for proposals are coming up in March, though deadlines are spread across the next two years for a variety of "calls" within the larger program; one thing to do is to decide on which of these calls to focus on, and then set our energies to working on that one.

    Are you all interested in pursuing this?

    Best wishes,