• Wolfgang Hoeschele commented on the doc Commons Spreadshet Template in the group Group logo of Mapping the CommonsMapping the Commons 5 years, 3 months ago

    Looks interesting. The test is always in use, and I suppose it's already been used to some extent?

    Question on column AQ: "Prs/cons compared to public-public realm" – I suppose one of those "publics" should be "private"?

    On the benefits/weath: one might ask people to specify what needs they help fulfill, and for whom (e.g., a worker cooperative may fulfill their customers' needs for food, clothing, housing or the like, while it would fulfill their workers' needs for a secure and meaningful livelihood and for participation in colective decision-making; I'm taking all these from the NORA list of needs).

    Resource questions (just before the ones on wealth) could also focus on resource categories as I just mentioned in my post regarding Stefan Meretz' commons language, that is such things as non-renewable, living things (wild-living or domestic), and physical renewable (mostly energy resources such as solar energy).

    Thanks for sharing this!