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    Hi Ellen,

    Good luck on your survey!

    Here are some comments/suggestions, arranged by row numbers and column letters.

    6F – when you mention "nation", do you mean "national government"?

    10F, and also further down, 22C – it may be better to say "non-material" rather than "immaterial" because the latter also means unimportant.

    16D – I think it would be good to offer a definition of what you mean with an "open" or "closed" community.

    17C – with "participants" do you mean individual members, or organizational members (if the commons consists of several organizations), or people actively participating? There could be some problems of definition here, as there could be a range of degrees of participation. And so, expecting respondents to give a simple number in response may not be a good idea – perhaps give ranges to tick off, and maybe a text box so that people can epxlain what they mean with "participants."

    21D – it should read "gift of nature" not "or nature" (typo).

    22D – you might add an example or two of non-material commons, such as knowledge

    27H – among the nature commons, I would include land-based ones (such as grazing land, agricultural land, forests) and energy (solar, wind, biomass, natural gas etc.)

    28H – there's another typo, "foragble" food

    33C – when you mention "wealth," do you mean "monetary income"? I consider "benefits" as well as "rent" to be part of wealth; money is not wealth but an organizational form that allows people access to or control/power over wealth.

    44 and 47D – on both LIkert scales, make sure to define what 10 and 1 mean, i.e. which end is "complete health" for 44 and "extreme conflict" for 47.

    I think that's it!

    All the best,