How Hotnews Affects the Copyright Landscape in India


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The hotnews website launched in 1999 as a press review of Romanian media. Soon after, it started publishing investigative pieces and news about corruption. It is still one of the largest news websites in Romania and has grown to over three million page views per month. However, it no longer operates under the same team that founded it. In fact, the editors of Hotnews left the organization in March 2018 to form a new news site, resulting in a different name for the site. Regardless of the name, HotNews will continue to publish news and opinion pieces.

Despite its recent development, the Hotnews doctrine will likely continue to influence the copyright landscape in India. This doctrine is the cornerstone of the Copyright Act and protects the rights of a news publisher. It prevents others from using news without permission, and can have serious implications for the future of copyright in the country. It is important to note that the Hotnews doctrine does not apply to all media, and is not limited to the Internet.

Another key element of the Feist ruling is that a hot-news misappropriation claim is not equivalent to exclusive copyright rights. Rather, the Second Circuit found that the NBA’s claim sought to obtain equitable and legal rights equivalent to exclusive copyright rights. In other words, it sought to vindicate exclusive copyright rights under Section106. While the Second Circuit was wrong on this issue, the case also highlights the importance of protecting exclusive copyright rights in the United States.